Transpolis is a French test centre for innovation and development in the field of safe and sustainable vehicles and infrastructures.

Safety is part and parcel of who we are. Everything Transpolis does centres around a common theme: SAFETY… safety of road equipments, vehicles and passengers.

We crash test road restraint systems and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) in virtual and real conditions, doing so in accordance with national and international standards for almost 30 years.

We manufacture Abdominal Pressure Twin Sensors (APTS) for child dummies, essential tools for in-depth assessment of child restraint systems.

We draw on our expertise, resources and equipment to carry out a wide range of tests for our customers on two proving grounds.

Some of PRISSMA tests will be organised on Transpolis’ high-tech proving ground in Lyon region. These fully connected tracks can be totally tailored to carry out any kind of Automated Driving (AD) scenarios on Operation Design Domains such as Highway, rural roads, or urban situations. For example, the 30 ha city area is composed of 2 boulevards, four different quarters with true buildings, diverse intersections and crossroads with connected traffic lights, movable signs, parking slots, bus stops and more. To implement AD tests scenarios, Transpolis soft targets can be used: GVT, pedestrians, cyclists or two-wheelers.

PRISSMA’s simulation work can also rely on Transpolis’ digital twin for application, such as Vehicle In the Loop or correlation between virtual and physical tests.