AI Grand Challenges

The PRISSMA project, one of the key components of the AI Grand Challenges

Founded on January 15, 2018, the Innovation and Industry Fund finances disruptive innovation projects to ensure scientific and technological sovereignty and the economic development of strategic French industrial sectors.

Since its creation, five Grand challenges dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) have been identified:

  1. Improving medical diagnoses using artificial intelligence
  2. Securing, certifying and making reliable systems based on artificial intelligence
  3. Developing high-density energy storage for sustainable mobility 
  4. Cyber-security: making our systems resilient to cyber-attacks 
  5. Biomedicines: improving yields and controlling production costs

More specifically, the second major one on securing and certifying AI-based systems is built around three pillars.

  • The first pillar, organized around the project, focuses on the design and industrialization of robust AI-based systems.
  • The second pillar, structured around the PRISSMA project, focuses on the evaluation of AI-based systems in order to guarantee their proper functioning.
  • The third pillar works on the definition of a normative environment for the certification of AI-based systems.